Re: CO2 powerhead injection method

}I'm bubbling the CO2 into the bottom of my trickle filter, where
}it gets dissolved as water drips over the bio balls.  This seems to
}work fine -- there's no problem getting high CO2 concentration --
[...  Stuff deleted ... ]
}... so maybe all the
} bacteria in the trickle filter died long ago and it's now just a
} glorified reactor!

	I attempted the same approach to see how it would work. I
get the concentration of CO2 high enough, but I might not have let it
sit long enough. What concerned me was that the top of the trickle filter
has some openings and I didn't think that I could keep a high enough
concentration of CO2 in the chamber. Given the oxygen level in the water
because of the plants I suspect that lack of oxygen is not a problem for
the aerobic bacteria.

Question for the chemist types: Is the fact that the trickle filter
chamber has openings on top a problem with this method?  I don't want to
waste the CO2, but it would be nice to free up the secondary magnum 350
I am using as a CO2 reactor for other tanks.


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