Re: T8 & T12 + decalcification?

>I have been following the thread on T8 and T12 bulbs, and have a question.
>My favorite bulbs, the PennPlax Ultra Tri Lux 40W bulbs, are 1.25" in
>diameter.  This is right between a T8 and a T12.  What is it then?

It's a T10. Each unit in the name stands for 1/8-inch.

If I remember my lighting retrofit course correctly, you can use T10s with
either magnetic or electronic ballasts. It's an in-between lamp and its
performance is also middling--better than T12s, not as good as T8s. Note
that my course covered commercial lighting and these PennPlaxes and other
aquarium lights may have unusual traits.

You would probably get better results pairing the T10 with an electronic
ballast than with a magnetic ballast.

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