Can't get rid of the Algae!! Ahhh!

Please help me figure out why I can't get rid of my Algae.  I set my 
planted aquarium up in March.  Initially, things were going very well, a 
lot of lush plant growth, and little or no algae.  Slowly conditions have 
worsened to the point where I am scraping algae of my plant's leavesevery 
week for hours.  Here is the setup:

55 gallon freshwater aquarium
2.5" - 3" of Estes Natural gravel (no laterite or peat moss)
1 SuperKing filter (600 gph)
1 Whisper 5 filter (400 gph)
temperature set to 75 F
lights- 2- 4'Triton bulbs and 2- 15 watt color enhancing bulbs
	duration 15 hours
fish load-
	5 zebra danios
	4 2" clown loaches
	3 cherry barbs
	2 corys
	3 ottos
	4 neons
plant load-
	5 assorted swords
	valisnaria growing around
	4 crypts
	anubias bartholomew
	anubias nana
	various others that make the floor of the tank heavily planted 
area, but the volume of the tank is not heavily planted.

I used to inject with CO2 from a yeast fermentation system, but I 
discontinued it because my yeast was dying so quickly.  I have tried 
varying the light from as short as 8 hours and as long as 16 hours.  
Nothing has helped.

My nitrates and phosphates have routinely tested at next to nothing.  I 
suppose this is because the algae is using all of it.  The tap water has 
no nitrates or phosphates in it.

I would like to tear down the tank, making sure to clean the gravel 
well.  Then I want to put it back together.  I am looking for suggestions 
that will reduce the amount of algae in the tank when it is back together.

Please help!

Bryan Vought