Re: Lighting FAQ

Subject: Lighting FAQ


>And, anyone who's interested in participating in the FAQ writing is
>welcome to join the "developers" mailing list (e-mail me).

I'd be willing to help and to become a Lighting FAQ developer.

I've researched Fluorescent light in detail. (I have stacks of paper
on the stuff anyway.)  I concentrated on hood design, electronic
ballasts, "wide spectrum" T8/T12 bulbs and compact fluorescent lighting.
I've received many brochures and much product information from most of the
commercial aquarium lighting mail order companies. Been in contact with
GE, Philips, and Sylvavia/Osram to find out about present and future
bulb product offerings.  Also contacted electronic ballast manufacturing
companies such as ADVANCED Transformer, MagneTek, Motorola, Sylvavia/Osram,
and Radionic Industries.

Of course, tried to collect as much "NET Wisdom" as possible.

Ron Wozniak  Allentown PA, USA
rjw at aluxpo_att.com