Re: Anubias


I thought people might like to see your pictures again.

> From: krandall at world_std.com (Karen A Randall)
> A. hastifolia has long leaves that are shaped sort of like out 
> native Arrowhead.  <snip>
> A. gracillis, <snip> has very triangular leaves, and 
> is a little les sturdy and "stiff" than most Anubias. Let's see if 
> I can draw them:
>               x                          X
>              x x                        X X
>              x x                       X   X
>             x   x                     X     X
>             x   x                    X       X
>            x  x  x                  X    x    X
>            x x|x x                 xxxxxx|xxxxxx
>            x  |  x                       |
>               |                          |
>           A. Hastifolia              A. Gracillis
> The plant that (to me) looks most like a huge 'nana' (with long 
> stems) is the plant usually sold as A. caladifoila, which I 
> believe is probably really A. barteri var. caladifolia.
> Karen Randall
> Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
> Boston, MA

Thanks very much for your help. From your description it seems that the plant
I have is not  A. Hastifolia since the leaves are most definitely the same
shape as A. Nana or A. Barteri (but much larger) and not triangular or arrow 
head. So A. Barteri var Caladifolia sounds the most likely and I'll expect it
to show the same rugged properties as my other A. Barteri.

Thanks again