Re: DUPLA retailer in Ottawa

Ian McPherson wrote.....

>>I've recently subscribed to the Aquatic-Plants group and have noticed that
>>you are submitting from the Ottawa area.  I'm going to be in Ottawa next
>>week and I'm wondering if you could let me know where some good 
>>aquarium stores are.  I'm looking for possible sources for "Dupla" products
>>and laterite for my 95 gallon "diamond" shaped tank.  I've got the fish
>>thing under control but haven't been took successful with plants yet.

and Ian Philips wrote....

>Interestingly enough, I *do* live in Ottawa, Ontario, so I can try to answer
>Ian's question: I have never seen Dupla products in any stores, and I have

The only possible source is Imagine Ocean, 747 Richmind Road, Ottawa,
728-0022. I'm told that he did/does carry some of their products.
He carries many products not found in the other shops in town.

Concerning trace minerals.......

>	5. To get a consistent iron reading on my 180 show tank that I have
>	   been having problems with I used 2 bottles of Tetra (~$3.25ea) to 
>	   get a readign of ~0.1ppm. 
>	6. I didn't test the dupla tabs only the dupla drops alone. It could
>	   very well be that the tabs add a lot more iron.
>Since several people recommended testing the test kit with distilled water,
>I decided to take up the challenge. Unfortunately, it is not at all clear 
>what you should get for a reading. The recommended dosage doesn't even 
>register (or was not possible with only 1 liter of water).  If anyone has
>thoughts (especially hard data) on what we should expect in such a test
>I would welcome the information.

My recommendation would be to stop testing.