36W Compact fluorescent

I bought a 36W compact fluorescent tube for HK$58 (~US7.5). It looks like
a oversize version of the common 9W/11W PL-S tubes. It is designated PL-L
by Philips.  It has 4 pins rather than 2 in the lower wattage version.
Dimension: 16 1/4" x 1 3/4" x 7/8" including pins i.e.45.5cm x 4.5cmx2.2cm.
I found that it works with 40W electronic ballast for normal T8/T12 tubes.
The luminous output is 2900 lumens according to the spec,  I think it makes
a good option for tanks that requires higher intensity than T8/T12 NO tubes
can provide.  I think it should be available elsewhere.
Shing LAM	<shlam at plato_eee.hku.hk>