Mexican Oak Leaf!

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> Subject: What do I have?

> Does anyone know a plant which looks like the following:
> - - leaves set like in a Hygrophila
> - - growns well both submersively and emersively
> - - emersive form has a "hairy" stem
> - - leaves look just like oak leaves (such shape), light
> green, like other hygrophilas, but there is no leaf base
> (sorry for my limited English - how do you call the part
> between the actual leaf and the stem?) meaning the leaf is
> set on the stem directly, with part of the leaf even growing
> around the stem and joined with the leaf on the oposite side

Sounds like Shinnersia rivularis, known as "Mexican Oak Leaf".
It grows as fast as Hygro. polysperma when given enough light and 
nutrients, but is far more stressed by cutting and transplanting.

    - Erik

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