"The Optimum Aquarium" etc...

Hi all!   I would first like to say that I recently purchased the book "The
Optimum Aquarium" by Kaspar Horst / Horst E. Kipper...Great book!  I think
it is a excellent guide for anyone who aspires to have the "ultimate"
planted aquarium.  I also have a book by Satoshi Yoshino and Doshin
Kobayashi titled "The Natural Aquarium"..also a very good Book to determin
different styles of planted aquariums.  
   I would also like to thank the person who posted the formula for the Diy
Yeast...the one where you add the yeast nutrients, 6 cups of water, one tsp
of yeast and one cup of sugar...I have had it going for about three weeks!  
  ALSO, I think it is great if more people post picts of their tanks...I
will have my Web page online in a few weeks.  One of the things I will be
doing is posting pictures of my aquarium (don't laugh at it!)...I will be
sending the film off to a company that will put it on disk, and make photos
of the images.  I work for a company called Tektronix (in the Color Printer
Division) so we have a lot of graphic artists and scanners available, I will
post the differences of the two types of images (direct to disk, and scanned
photos) if anyone is interested???  
   Also, is it ok for me to put links to the Krib on my page?  
   Thanks everyone!!!!

       Mark "Buzzard" Jackson in Portland Oregon