Interesting algae

I'm seeking help identifying what I think is quite an attractive and
interesting looking alga. It is brown in color and grows as a curly
strand. It's texture is like velvet and looks like velvet also. Many
strands originate from the same spot. The strands are approximately one mm
in diameter and as long as ten cm when stretched out. It started out as a
single clump on my driftwood (cypress) and is a slow growing alga. I see a
few small "buds" starting elsewhere on the driftwood but none on any of
the plants. The driftwood is shaped like the Gateway Arch in St. Louis but
just wider at the base. The alga is growing near the high point of the
arch where is is free of java fern, approximately 8 cm beneath the water

The tank is a 75 gal heavily planted tank. It receives CO2 and 240 W of
light 12 hours per day.

Thanks for your attention.

Shiao Y. Wang  
University of Southern Mississippi
sywang at whale_st.usm.edu