RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #46

>P.S. Do many of you have Clown Loaches? I bought two to take care of pond
>snails and because I like them. The first day they played a lot out in the
>open but since then they hide all the time -- haven't seen them for days.
>Will they come out eventually? They are about 2.5 inches long. Is it better
>to get them younger so they adapt easier?

What you're describing is, in my experience, normal clown loach behavior.  Some
days mine are out, swimming all over tank and other days, they hide.  They also
lay on their sides - enough to give me a heart attack (almost) every time I see
them doing this, but this, too, is normal.

They do better in groups of 4 or more, I'm told; they will also school with
fish striped similarly to them, especially tiger barbs.  It's great fun to
watch them try to keep up :)