Agae & Co2

        Hi All:

        For about a year now I have had a 10g tank sitting on a book case at
work. There is a 75 watt high pressure sodium light 30" over the tank and
also near by are 2 florescent fixture with 4 bulbs in each. Since day 1 this
tank has had a great deal of brush and thread algae. I tried reducing light
striking the tank except for the sodium lamp and also reducing the time the
sodium light was on. I could not stop the ever increasing algae. Ph
generally about 7.5 - 7.7

        About a month ago I hooked up a Co2 tank with a pressure regulator
and a small coarse adjusting valve. By adjustiing the pressure regulator and
the valve opening I have established the correct flow of Co2 (which bubbles
into a plastic Pepsi bottle with cap, that I cut in half of its height). 

        The algae has all disappeared except for a couple of very small
spots, the water is sparkling clear and the plants look great. Ph 6.8
sodium light 12 hr/day. It is hard to believe that the Co2 could make such a
change in the tank.

        Someone on the list awhile back had a posting for sounding out plant
names as in this example. aponogeton = apono gui ton (GUIL lotine ) not
apono gee ton. I have a hard time with these names, does anyone have such a

        Doug Bardell
        Garson, Ontario, Canada