Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #32


	I suspect lighting and wattage have been discussed at some length
	recently, but am new to the group, and appreciate your patience.

	I'm resetting up a plant tank that I moved to the basement since
	it was warping the floor upstairs.  Dimensions are 4.5'l x 2'w x2'd,
	which translates to 135, although the effective capacity is more
	like 110 I'd guess.  Anyway the surface area is 4.5' x 2', which
	is all that matters since we no longer need to worry about depth
	for lighting :).

	Previously I had 6 4' fluorescent bulbs (mixture of Tritons and Vita
	Lites = 240 watts) and had success with some of the easier plants.
	You know, various Swords, Valisneria, and such.

	I read the Optimum Aquarium and did everything except the undergravel
	heating and CO2 injection.  OK, I didn't do the laterite completely
	as recommended, either.  But the results were satisfying, except
	I was never able to grow some of the more light intensive plants.
	So, I'm thinking of adding another 2 fluorescent lights to the setup,
	for a total of 320 watts, and getting rid of the glass top.  All
	bulbs have the Triton "Brite Lite" reflectors (which are ridiculously
	expensive, too, but enough whining).

	Is this way too much light?  I'm asking because The Optimum Aquarium
	recommends something like .5W/l for fluorescents, which in my case
	translates to about 200 watts!  Plus they recommend only 4 4' bulbs
	for a 130cm.65cm.50cm tank, which is pretty close to mine, surface
	area wise (gotta believe the larger dimesnsion is width, not depth).
	They also recommend halogen for depths greater than -- I forget -- 18"
	or something, but they're probably just trying to sell DuplaSun

	Any thoughts on this -- I mean having 8 bulbs on a 135 that's 2 feet

	BTW the graphic mental image I got from reading the below just about
	spoiled my lunch!  Charley, you ought to become a writer!  In case
	you missed the replay of Aliens, here it is, once again:

> From: Charley Bay <charleyb at hpgrla_gr.hp.com>
> Oh, yeah--If you are looking for an awesome Sci-Fi plot for your
> next gory movie, just scale-up the current processes that take
> place at the micro-level.  That's what brought us the Alien series.
> (I've seen close-up slides of the convulsing caterpiller as it
> squeals and thrashes while the wasp larvae bursts through the
> caterpiller's side in a gooey and gruesome display of mandibles and
> erupting guts).


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