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Yoadie yo ho !!!

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 >> An article in October's AFM rated Ancistrus sp. as highest in term of 
 >> elgae eating fervour. Anybody on the list having Ancistrus can confirm 
 >> this? Having fail to locate otto and SAE so far, I'm going to add this 
 >> species into my "search" list. Thanks.

 LS> I have never (yet) owned any other suckermouth cats than bristlenoses,
 LS> so I can't compare them from my own experiences.  I have three
 LS> "spotted bristlenoses", Ancistrus sp. cf. temminckii and I'm very happy

Does it have black body with small white dots like stars?

 LS> with their algae eating abilities.  They keep the glasses of my 150
 LS> liter tank clean - I had to scrape the glasses at least once a month
 LS> before I got them, and now I have to scrape only few green spots every
 LS> few months.

Agreed. Very effective, however, they cannot be kept with
delicate, large-bodied fish.

 LS> My Ancistrus eat only some soft floating plants like duckweed and
 LS> frogbit (Limnobium sp.) and leave all the others alone, but I have

Mine have never eaten a live plant.

 LS> heard from more than one tank owner that a lone Ancistrus has attacked
 LS> plants, no matter how much extra veggie food it is given.  In these

Strange. Never heard of such a case here. Will ask on the
closest Warsaw Aquarium Society mieeting...

 LS> cases they  usually start with sword plants and might eat everything,
 LS> even java fern.

 LS> Few SAEs (for red and soft green algae) and some bristlenoses (for
 LS> harder green algae types) make a nice tank cleaning team!  Some
 LS> Ancistruses, like this "spotted", are very easy to breed, so they

The one available in huge quantities in Poland is A.

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