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Let's talk about: Algae eaters and pH

 G> Would someone advise on the pH requirements of the various algae eaters
 G> I've read about on this list?

All Loricariidae like their pH at about 6.8. Similar with
the SAE-s and realted fish, I believe.

 G> I am soon opening up a 40-gallon plant tank which will probably have a pH
 G> of 7 to 7.2. I cannot get my water into the acid range without lots of

Ancistrus (bristle-noses) will happily strive in those
conditions and will get rid of lots of algae.

 G> continual work. So I am looking for algae eaters that can take neutral
 G> to base water. My three Siamese algae eaters seem to be doing fine in
 G> similar water.

 G> Otocinclus

Hmmm, theyre delicate, but should be able to tolerate it.

 G> Farlowella

I wouldn't. Too delicate and not that effective as an algae
eater (personal opinion).

 G> Various corydoras (suggestions?)

Corys are not algae eaters. But many corys, like C. panda,
live in mountain waters which are both cold and have a high

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