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 DW> Brown apple snails eat the long variety of red algae.  I don't know
 DW> whether  that's beard or brush.  They don't appear to eat the short
 DW> variety.  From what  I've seen, the long variety grows in my tank under
 DW> high light conditions when  there isn't enough CO2 available.  It's
 DW> about an inch long and grows in mats  covering the leaves of my plants.
 DW>  The color is a very dark reddish black.  The  short variety grew in my
 DW> tank when I wasn't using as much light.  It attached  itself to
 DW> fixtures and to the older leaves of my plants.  It was the same color,
 DW> but had a velour texture.  This algae turned a very light green when I
 DW> upped  the lighting on the tank (my observation).  These may be two
 DW> different growth  patterns of the same algae.  I don't know, but the
 DW> apple snails didn't seem to  make as much of a dent in it.

I have the long variety of red algae in my tank, and the
aplle snalis are not doing anything about it, even though
they're probably underfed and quite hungry all the time...

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