re:What about filters?

>What do you folks recommend
>OTHER than an external Eheim-type canister system? (Not that I'm excluding
>Eheim. I just want to know about the others. I'm also assuming canisters
>are your first choice.)
>a. Powerhead driving foam filter.
>b. Powerhead and UGF (I worry about the goop that collects under the plates.)
>c. Powerhead, UGF and reverse flow
>d. Penguin biowheel or anything where water cascades through air (Carbon
>dioxide loss?)
>Please don't tell me there are still other choices ... Thanks!

Sorry to say this, buy there are other choices.  I use a trickle filter on my 
plant tank.  I've never used a cannister, so I don't have any effectiveness 
criteria on it, but I find my trickle to be *very* easy to maintain, and I get 
most of the hardware (CO2 reactor, heaters, etc. out of the tank and into the 
sump.  When I want to clean my system, I just replace the piece of bule-white 
filter media that sits on top of my trickle tower.  

I'm also slowly removing the media from my filter and letting the plants take 
over with NHx removal.  So far, so good, but I still have 1/2 gallon of 
bio-balls in the tower.

BTW, I wouldn't come close to dishing out the money for a commercially built 
trickle filter.  They're just too easy to build, and you can conserve at least 
half the cost if not more by building one yourself.

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