Re: Yellowing leaves

> From: nguyenh at nosc_mil (Hoa G. Nguyen)
> Date: Sun, 17 Sep 95 14:44:00 PDT
> Subject: Care for Anubias nana
> I have good plant growth in my 75-gallon aquarium (I sell my cuttings back
> to the fish store, usually make between $15 to $60 a month, depending on
> which plants need pruning).  However, my Anubias nana's aren't doing well.
> The older leaves tend to develop yellow spots and holes.  Is this normal for
> Anubias nana?  Am I supposed to keep pinching and throwing away older
> leaves, or are there something wrong?  They flower regularly though (there
> are usually one or two flowers at all times).
> Tank condition:  pH 7.2 to 7.4 (with yeast CO2), 120-W fluorescent (VitaLite
> and Ultra Tri Lux) on about 11 hours a day, fertilize with Flourish and
> occasionally with Tetra Flora Pride, nitrate under 10 ppm.
> Thanks for any idea,
> Hoa

Sounds like Mg deficiency - anybody know how much Mg is in Flourish and
Tetra Flora Pride?   I'd suggest you try using epsom salts or Duplgan.

And, on the subject of yellowing leaves:


The coffefolia plant that you gave me has a lot of yellowing on one leaf.
It's the top leaf, closest to the surface so I wondered if it might be being
harmed by the light somehow, but it's in an 18" tall tank with about 3 inches
of gravel & still about 6" from the lights.  The two bulbs directly above it
are just radionics & I tried to put coralife bulbs in the fixture but they
wouldn't work (they were "fatter" than the radionics), but they worked fine
in the other fixture (double tube hood vs single tube hood - anyone else had
this problem?).  According to the table on deficiencies it could be a
nitrogen defeciency (there's no holes & it's not at the edges or veins, just
large patches of yellow covering the outer 1/3 of the leaf).  The nitrates
are at 8 ppm, nitrites zero & ammonia(um) zero.  I dropped a couple of plant
tabbs in this morning hoping that might help.  Any ideas?  Is this normal?

I also put a laterite ball below the roots when I planted it and I've been
fertilizing with a homemade version of Tropica Master Grow (contains Mg, S,
K, B, Fe, Cu, Mn, Mn and Zn in the same amounts as TMG).  I keep Fe levels
between 0.1 and 0.3 ppm.  During the day, pH = 7.0, CO2 = 22ppm, GH = 10,
KH = 13, at night pH = 7.4, CO2 = 15 ppm..