Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #16


No I am not sure if a potassium deficiency is the problem and not the snails.
 The two large variaties of amazon sword are showing the most wear on the
older leaves so perhaps you are correct.  In fact the broad leaved sword is
now producing new yellow leaves (without holes).  No doubt a new sympton of
some type of deficiency?  I am using Seachem discus buffer to hold the pH
from 8 to 7.  I thought the phosphates encouraged plant growth.  All other
plants are doing well (crypts, natans, hygrophillia and hair grass).  I am
trying a broad range to see which grow best.  Lighting in the 55 gal tank is
140 watts for 12 hrs.

Rich  {Tucson, hextek at aol_com}