> I can't agree with that "concensus" (if there was one).  I hate 
> the purplish color of Tritons.  I also think they are over priced, 
> and they _definitely_ don't last as long as they are purported to. 
>  I use a combination of Vitalites and Phillips day light tubes in 
> my tanks that have standard fluorescent lighting.

I would tend to agree with you there.  I have one Triton in my four bulb bank, 
and will probably go ahead and replace it with another, but it sure did mess up 
the aesthetics of my tank when I added it.  I prefer the Ultra Tri-Lux over the 
Triton for color hands down.  

The Triton does not show my rams off well at all, and may be a contributor to a 
very noticeable increase in red algae growth that began about the time I added 
the bulb.

I was able to balance my lighting color out eventually, though.

BTW, I use one Triton and one Ultra Tri-Lux along with two cheap bulbs that I 
use to adjust color in the tank.

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