Re: need for Duplagan

> > From: "Dan Resler" <resler at liberty_mas.vcu.edu>
> > Date: Sat, 16 Sep 1995 11:24:27 -0400 (EDT)
> > Subject: DuplaGan
> > I use Duplaplant and Duplaplant24 but draw the line at using Dup
> > It is bloody expensive, even if you buy it by the tank-car load 
> > does. I did use it for the first 3 months in my 90 but then stop
> > noticed no differences at all except in my bank balance. TOA say
> > adds "protective colloids" for the fishes skin and gills which
> > supposedly makes them "less sensitive to germs, fungi, and vario
> > parasites". In other words, it's irrelevant. <grin>
> > 
> > dan "Just Say No to Duplagan" resler
> I just received a reply from Kaspar Horst on a couple of questions 
> I had for him.  According to him, if you use Duplaplant 24 and the 
> Duplaplant tablets together, you are providing all necessary plant 
> nutrients.  I did not ask him what Duplagan was for, but he didn't 
> tell me it was a necessity either.<g>
> Karen

I'm sure I'm repeating myself when I say this, but here goes:

If you check out the analysis done by George Booth (in the archives)
you will see that the Duplaplant 24 drops and the tablets contain almost
neglibible amounts of Magnesium, whereas Duplagan is predominantly Mg
(plus some Ca and Na).

I personally found that my plants showed Mg deficiency (yellow spots on
the leaves) when I used the drops & tablets but not Duplagan.  Addition
of Duplagan got rid of the spots.

If you are adding some other fertilizers which contain Mg then this will
probably not be a problem.  If you have lots of Mg in your tap water &
you don't use RO water then it may not be a problem.  My tap water contains
31.9 ppm Mg and 55.4 ppm Ca, but even adding enough tap water (in combination
with RO water & some peat-soaked tap water) to keep my GH at 5 and KH at 6
was not enough for my plants apparently.  I think the Ca stays around while
the Mg is used by the plants more rapidly/in greater quantities (which is
why Duplagan has 509 ppm Mg and only 31 ppm Ca).

So ... if you see any yellow spots on your leaves you could add Duplagan
or Epsom salts.  But if you don't see any yellow spots then your tap water
must be better than mine or you're doing something I'm not! :-).


P.S.  I live in Madison, WI & would be interested in meeting with others,
possibly to get together to watch George's video.