Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #167

Joanne Stevens writes...
>After Claus posted the ingredients from the Tropica Master Grow fertilizer
>I tried to compare it to info posted by George Booth on rec.aquaria in 1994
>that I found in the archives.  The Dupla analyses that George posted only
>analyzed metal components & I was wondering if anyone had done/seen an
>anyalysis of the non-metal components, specifically sulphur which is a
>major component of the TMG product.
>Also, I was wondering why the TMG product contains no sodium whereas the
>Dupla products do.

Just a wild guess, but maybe the DUPLA product contains a sodium salt
of EDTA instead of Fe:EDTA, Mn:EDTA etc., i.e. metals already chelated.
I think that Allgayer and Teton mention this method in their book.
Another reason not to use DUPLA?