Lighting for 55G

>From: Harold Wong <hgw at math_ucla.edu>
>Date: Thu, 6 Jul 95 14:34:06 PDT
>Subject: fluorescent tube for planted tank
>Can someone recommend a good 4 ft. fluorescent tube for my 55 gal
>planted freshwater tank? It's a two tube hood.  I've read the FAQ but the
>choices are too large for me to pick from. Thanks.

Personal choices:
   El cheapo: 1 warm, 1 cool white.
   Still cheapo: GroLux Wide Spectrum / Plant & Aquarium lights (Phillips?)
   Expensive: VitaLite
   You own the bank: Triton

I remember George saying he liked Penn Plax Ultra TriLux, but I've not been
able to find this particular bulb.

As you go up the line, you'll get more and more plants to grow.  Since
you have a 55G, which is a tall tank, you should get the brightest
lights you can.  If you don't have CO2, Vitalites are probably fine.


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