Plants in Nature Aquarium World

Steven Hicks wrote in V1 #162:
> I'm having a bit of trouble ID'ing some of the plants in 'Nature
> Aquarium World' (by ?).  On page 10 there is a small, stemmed, light
> green plant which the author refers to later as 'pearl grass'.  Is
> this hemianthus micranthemoides?  On the same page is a tall, stemmed,
> reddish plant with long (very) narrow leaves.  Is this ludwigia
> arcuata or alternanthera reinekii?  Finally, what is the author
> talking about when he mentions the 'Dutch plant' (it's in his list of
> background/tall plants).

Although I don't have any copy of 'Nature Aquarium World' (by Takashi
Amano), I bet two of the plants are:

'pearl grass': Micranthemum micranthemoides
'Dutch plant': Eusteralis stellata

Eusteralis stellata is labeled 'Oranda(Holland) plant' in Japanese aquaria
market.  'Dutch plant' seems like a very rough translation of it.
Amano had a photo of a layout with these plants at the background, in the
first issue of his Aqua Journal magazine, which made some plant maniacs
sigh over the extremely good condition of the plants.

 - Shinji