Re: Plants for Goldfish Aquarium

>From: Michelle Koay <Michelle.Koay at admin_gwuhp.gwumc>
>Subject: Plants for Goldfish Aquarium
>I have a 20 gallon aquarium with 4 medium size fantails.  I had to
>remove all rocks because the goldfish need more room.  I have tried to
>decorate with a few types of plants - all ended up as delicious food.
>I like my aquarium to be au natural so I don't use plastic plants.
>Any suggestions on hardy plants that will withstand flourescent light,
>neutral to alkaline water and hungry goldfish?

The fluorescent light and neutral to hard water parts are easy,
goldfish are not.  They are vegetarian by nature and eat most plants.

You could try something really tough and distatsteful, like Anubias,
Java fern or Hornwort, but I can't guarantee success.

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