Temperature in planted discus tank

George wrote:

>We keep our discus tank at 83 F.  It's a 100 g tank with 7 discus, a
>few cardinals, 6 asst'd corys, 2 SAE and 1 farlowella.  It has 
>CO2 injection (15 ppm), 100w DIY/Dupla substrate heating coils,
>laterite, Dupla fertilizers, 4 40w FL bulbs @ 9 hours per day. 
>The following plants are currently in the tank and doing well:
>Anubias barteri
>Anubias barteri var nana
>Ammania senegalensis
>Barclaya longifolia
>Echinodorus bleheri
>E. quadricostatus
>E. tenellus
>Hygrophila corymbosa
>Ludwigia mullertii "Red Ludwigia"
>Microsorium pteropus "Java Fern"
>Rotala rotundifolia
>Shinnersia rivularis "Mexican Oak Leaf"
>Vesicularia dubyana "Java Moss"
>.... and probably a few others that slip my mind right now. 

I noticed your lights are only turned on for 9h/d. Are you seeing algae
problems with longer lighting periods?

When you exposed the plants to the higher temperature, did you do so 
rapidly, or more stepwise to give them time to adjust?


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