FISHROOM Meeting #3

> From: David Brockman Wheeler <dwheeler at leland_Stanford.EDU>
> Just a brief reminder that there is a meeting of the APD subscribers
> in the FISHROOM scheduled for 20:00 GMT (16:00 EDT/13:00 PDT) on 
> Saturday, July 8.  If you haven't visited the FISHROOM yet you are
> missing out on a fun and addictive way of interacting with your fellow
> hobbyists.  To visit the FISHROOM, simply telnet to kplace.monrou.com 1025
> ( 1025) and follow the instructions.  

I have tried getting to the FISHROOM, but have been unable to.
Perhaps the ol' HP "firewall" is preventing this.  Have any other
folks protected by corporate security measures had any luck or am I
just a net.bozo?  We might be getting a home computer soon, something
more advanced than the 1983 "Mindset" 80186 (with 256k of RAM!), so I
may get there yet.