Re: Tropica fertilizer

Claus wrote:

>It is no secret! We tell it in the declaration on the bottle
>(K 0.79%, Mg 0.39%, S 1.01%, B 0.004%, Cu 0.006%, Fe 0.07%,
>Mn 0.04%, Mo 0.002% Zn 0.002%. HEEDTA and DTPA as celators).
>We have the idea: "aquarium owners have the right to know what
>they put into their aquarium"!

That's a very good point. If I spend a lot of money on stuff like this, 
adding it to the living creatures in my aquarium, I want to know what it
is. Some fish medications don't even say what they contain. No way I would
buy these as an M.D.. This practice should be extended to other things like
fertilizers and buffers.
Thank you (and Stephen) for the information.


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