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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 12:00:24 +0100
To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com
From: bneubauer at mps_org (Bob Neubauer)
Subject: Newbie Questions

Hi all!
I'm really looking for help. I'm embarrassed to admit that until now I've
usually kept only plastic, Nothing day-glo, I promise ;-) , though the rest
of my house looks like a greenhouse.  I've always admired heavily planted
tanks and I'm ready to take that step.  But I'm frustrated by stores that
mislabel plants and often don't have any info on long-term requirements.
And then the number of terrestrial plants that are sold as aquatic!!  ;-(
I could really use some pointers!

*  Does anyone have recommendations on aquatic plant magazines or books?
(I haven't been able to find anything locally that was both thorough and

*  In particular I'm looking for info on plants that do well at higher
temps (84=B0 - discus tank)

*  And lastly-  any suggestions on plant suppliers?  Insight on mail order?
(I'm a little hesitant to purchase anything that I can't inspect before
buying)  Reputable dealers?

Thanks so much for any help you could offer!