Re:Cryptocorne replanting

>I sent a bunch of plants to some people on the Aquarium list who I think
>are now on this list - maybe they can comment regarding melthing or not.
>Last I heard was that all plants were looking great.
>I can't say I've noticed crypt rot/melt myself.

I am one of the people Joanne sent plants to, and I gave her the info
to subscribe to this list (small world).  I am unsure as to what some
of the plants are, so I'll try my best to explain things.  What
appears to be Bacopa Caroliniana (sp), Ludwigia Repens (sp) are doing
great.  One plant I think is Rotala Rotundifolia (sp), is a real treat
for my Rosy Barbs.  Another plant looks like a Java Fern, but the top
is a dark green, the underside of the leaves is a dark reddish color,
and it has a rhizome, is looking great.  Maybe one day I will learn
all the plants I have.

Rod Preston
rbp at pressco_com