>>  Subject: Sand <<

 >> But in my experience, and that of others who used Dupla laterite and
gravel without substrate heating or
 UGFs, the tank produces good results for about a year, and then begins to
deteriorate. <<

 I have to say that I have had tanks set up with gravel and laterite and no
substrate heating for periods of several years with good growth.  When I have
taken these tanks down, it has been to move them, not because of deteriorating
growth.  I do replenish nutrients in the substrate periodically with the use
of aquatic plant food tablets.

 >> Unfortunately, there is no inexpensive commercial source for laterite. <<

 Thiel Aquatech sells laterite at a much lower price than Dupla.  I have not
yet used their product, because I stockpiled laterite from Aquarium Pharm.
when I heard they were getting out of the business, but I have been told by
others that it works well.  The only disadvantage is that it is sold only in a
granular form, so is hard to add to a currently running tank.

 >> Subject: What's this plant? <<

 >> How about Amania gracilis?  We got four of those from Mike T for our
auction a couple months ago.  I would have sworn they were Rotala, but they
weren't.  They're sort of growing in my tank, but really want more light. <<

 George Booth is working with this plant.  He mentions that it's a slow grower
for him too.  You might want to ask him for more details.

  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 19-Apr-1995