tank cycling question

Hi everyone,

I've been following this list since day one but usually post my question 
to *.aquaria. I do not receive any response for my latest post sent out 
a couple of days ago. This is a newbie question but I hope the plant 
expert can help out. I'm going to start my 50gal plant tank in two days. 
FAQ and articles regarding cycling does not answer my questions. My 
questions are:

1) I'm going to use Black Sailfin Mollies for break-in. Mollies like 
brackish water. I intend to add some salt. Will my plants have problem 
with this?

2) Can I use any Black Mollies to control algae, like Black Lyretail 
Mollies or it has to be a Sailfin.

3) Mollies are not hardy, will they have problem with water chemistry 
during cycling?

4) Can I do partial water changes during cycling? How frequent?
5) Can I add coolie (kuhli) loach to a plant tank? Will they uproot my 

Thanks in advance for the help. Hope I can get some answer by tomorrow.

rgds..kbkoh (kb_koh at ccm_hf.intel.com)