>From: David Randall <76535.2776 at compuserve_com>
>Date: 11 Apr 95 14:59:38 EDT
>Subject: Plants
> >> I'm having problem growing Hygrophila species in my tank. I tried both the
>Hygrophila stricta and Sunset Hygrophila. <<
> I have had trouble with some of the Hygros in the past, until I started
>potting them up in a clay pot with potting soil and some micronized iron or a
>piece of laterite. Since then, they have grown like weeds.  I suspect that my
>water is a deficient in something that they need, although I'm not sure what,
>since I use Duplaplant 24 on a daily basis.  I _do_ know that potted up, they
>grow like weeds for me.  You might want to give that a try.
>  E-mail from: Karen Randall, 11-Apr-1995

This is the next thing that I would do. I think it preferes looser
(less compact) substrate.