Hair Algae

I am having somewhat of a problem in my 75 gallon plant tank.
Unfortunately, Spyrogyra or another type of hair algae got
introduced from a plant from a pet store.  I've had it now for
about two months.  It hasn't taken over my tank, and it has
been pretty easy to scrape off the glass, but it is still 
unsightly and I have been looking for a fish that will eat it.
I am also wondering if it could be a problem with my set up.
It is as follows.

4 40w tubes (2 Aquasun, 2 gro-lux bulbs, 3 weeks old)
  -bulbs are on for 10 hours a day
DIY wet dry
#2 substrate with potting soil base

My water is hard and has a high pH.  I am also adding a CO2 system
next week.  Will this help?

Eric Schoville
schovill at expert_cc.purdue.edu