L. Repens

>> From: Stephen.Pushak at hcsd_hac.com (Stephen Pushak)
>> BTW. anyone know the secret of Ludwigia repens? It is a beautiful plant
>> but I have not had any success. I think it needs a very rich substrate.
>> I'm interested to hear what you all are using for substrates especially
>> anyone who has had success with long-term Aponogetons (2yrs +). I think
>> I will redo my 49 gal. substrate this year. Gravel + fertilizer is not
>> enough, I suspect.

I have good luck with L.repens x arcuata (the red ones). They branch like 
crazy in my tank. I think this plant needs unusually bright light.In my, 
the ones that are in the shade are not doing as well as the ones under 
the full light.

As with other red leafed plants, I need to give them fertilizer boost next
to their root to keep the leaves color red.