Re: Nymphaea

>From: Hardjono.Harjadi at Eng_Sun.COM (Hardjono Harjadi)
>I just bought Tiger Lotus (Nymphea sp., don't know which one yet) bulb.
>What are the specific requirements (light, fertilizer, etc.) for the Tiger 
>lotus to grow well ? Does it need unusually bright light ? It's kind of under
>the shade of Riccia fluitans.

The species I have will survive (but not thrive) in very low light -
in the rear of the tank, under a surface choked with floating plants,
and surrounded by invasive stem plants.  It does quite well in partial
shade.  Of course, you may have a different species.  I currently have
potted it with a little potting soil, but it has done well in plain
laterite substrate as well as a rich mix of potting soil, peat and

>Also, does this plant need resting period outside the tank like the 
>Aponogeton sp. ?

I have done this once or twice, but not this year.  Rataj says all
Nymphaea species require a resting period, either completely dried out
or in cool water.  I can say from personal observation that many
tropical species of Nymphaea live in ponds that dry out in between
seasons of rain.