>I'm interested to hear what you all are using for substrates especially
>anyone who has had success with long-term Aponogetons (2yrs +). I think
>I will redo my 49 gal. substrate this year. Gravel + fertilizer is not
>enough, I suspect.

1 1/2 years, not two, but I haven't ever yanked them out of the tank.  The 
a.bovinianus was really pretty when I first planted it, but needs fertilizer at 
the bulb right now.  The hybrid a.crispus is all over the place, with a 5" 
inflorescense hanging out of the tank.  The regular a.crispi are about 14" tall 
and two of them have sent up flowers.  Regular a.crispus seem to like their 
flower stems to stay in the tank.  I can display the hybrid, but when I tried 
to display the first regular, it wilted.  I'll keep the other regular stem 
inside the tank and just let it flower.

I don't have anything in my gravel right now except a few years worth of 
accumulation.  I currently have fine gravel on top of coarse gravel, and don't 
have enough accumulation in the coarse to be really worried about dead spots.  
When I redo the tank, I'll do a more "optimum" substrate.

My regular a.crispus looked pretty sorry until I upped the light and added CO2.

>Anyone propagating Aponogeton Madagascariensis out there? Or any
>flowering Aponogetons?

I have a few a.crispus flowering right now as well as an a.crispus hybrid.
No seeds yet.

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