Ludwigia repens, Pennywort, Hygrophila, A. Madagascariensis.

> From: Brian Moynihan <bmoyniha at emerald_tufts.edu>
> A few weeks ago I bought a plant that the store owner referred to as 
> "pond penny".  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any information 
> about any plant by that name... If anyone knows the scientific name of 
> this plant, or anything about it, let me know... 
I believe this sounds like Hydrocotyle leucocephala sometimes called
Water Pennywort. Description from "Aquarium Plants Manual":
 "leaves alternate, roundish to kidney-shaped with somewhat sinuous
  margins. Fine roots on the stem nodes." 
The leaves are up to 2" in diameter. Similar in shape to geranium leaves.
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> From: Hardjono.Harjadi at Eng_Sun.COM (Hardjono Harjadi)
> Date: Mon, 10 Apr 1995 13:15:09 -0700
> Subject: Problem w/ Hygrophila
> I'm having problem growing Hygrophila species in my tank. I tried
> both the Hygrophila stricta and Sunset Hygrophila. The problem is that
> after 1 month in my tank, the leaves become wrinkled, narrow, and warped
I too have experienced a change in my usually lush growth of Hygrophila
Polysperma. I introduced a new aqua-plant light (strong bluish spectra)
but maybe it's the water.

BTW. anyone know the secret of Ludwigia repens? It is a beautiful plant
but I have not had any success. I think it needs a very rich substrate.
I'm interested to hear what you all are using for substrates especially
anyone who has had success with long-term Aponogetons (2yrs +). I think
I will redo my 49 gal. substrate this year. Gravel + fertilizer is not
enough, I suspect.

Anyone propagating Aponogeton Madagascariensis out there? Or any
flowering Aponogetons?