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Re: [APD] Growing Aquatic Plants

You mention direct sun. This is too much for some plants. I grow several Cryptocoryne species in Tanganyika water. None are found in the lake. Very few will tolerate full sun.
Those that thrive in hard water, but not full sun, and not a full list: C. usteriana, C. hudoroi, C. beckettii, C. wendtii, C. parva, C. x willisii, C. spiralis, C. retrospiralis, C. crispatula var. crispatula, C. affinis, C. pontederifolia, C. moehlmannii. 
Jerry SmithBloomingdale, NJ
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> I would like to grow several aquarium plants and my water is naturally hard.? Normally, I draw water for aquarium use from my outside facets.? The hard water is great for Cichlids.? I get a lot of direct sunlight and sometimes block it out.
> What plants will grow well in hard water?? Some plants that I like are Ludwigia, Anacharis, Cabomba, Hornwort, Vallisneria, et.
> dan
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