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Re: [APD] growing aquatic plants

Since you didn't mention what location on the planet you are at, perhaps  
you could tell us what exactly is making your water so hard and what the Kh 
and  Gh numbers are.
Have lived (phoenix)where the tap water  was considered "liquid rock"  and 
at the other extreme in Milton, MA where the hardness was less than  ONE.  
Water filtering thru granite doesn't pick up a lot of elements!   Grew plants 
in both places. 
Look into the archives for macro and micro nutrients, fertilizing the water 
 column, and then see if you can get an analysis of the tap water from the 
local  water district.
sunlight. oh boy. had a tank that suddenly had a corner that was growing a  
plant there like crazy.  got up a little earlier than usual and went down  
to my fish room in the basement and lo and behold, a sliver of sunlight was  
coming in around the edge of a curtain and was shining right on the corner 
of  that tank.  and only for 45 minutes. But that was enough to spur really 
hot  growth.
IMHO it is almost impossible to manage the growth generated by the  
application of direct sunlight to a tank.  Blows the 2WPG recommendation  out the 
window. I have always found it easier to control the tank growth and  health 
by eliminating direct sunlight from the equation. 
back to lurking
rich green
now in San Diego
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