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Re: [APD] Growing Aquatic Plants

To add to what Erik said, I've also found hornwort seems to like a lot of iron in the water. That's just based on my own observations.

I've found myself that I have better luck growing plants in hard water than soft. I've even done experiments where I've let large amounts of water evaporate (75% or so), which effectively hardens the water, and generally I see better plant growth. I don't control all variables on those experiments since they're just informal tests so it's not entirely definitive. 

BTW, it's nice to see some traffic on the list. I miss the old days of 20-30+ posts per day.


> On 2013-12-20 07:19, dbabyg at yahoo_com wrote:
> > What plants will grow well in hard water?  Some plants that I like are
> Ludwigia, Anacharis, Cabomba, Hornwort, Vallisneria, et.
> Hornwort is also found in Lake Tanganyika.
>    - Erik

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