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Re: [APD] Qs re dKH maintenance

 > Your bicarb calculation should be mg bicarb = gal of water *
 > 3.785L/gal * 30mg/dKH * delta dKH.  Depending on your baking soda and
 > how well you pack it into the tsp, you should have about 4.8g per tsp
 > of baking soda.
 > I think you excluding units in this calculation and using 5.28 is
 > confusing (but gets you pretty close.  Rule of thumb is 30mg baking
 > soda raises 1L by 1dKH, as per the formula above.)

Actually, typo, that should be "52.8.".. so we have...

 you: 30mg_bicarb/L/dKH * 3.785L/gal * 1tsp/4800mg = .0235 tsp/gal/dKH

 me: (1/52.8)tsp_bicarb/gal/dKH = .0189 tsp/gal/dKH

...so we're probably within +/- the variation from packing of the 
baking soda?

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