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[APD] KH calsium and buffering water

IMHO and its what i do
H2O in Milton MA comes out of the fawcett at LESS THAN 1!
had hard time believing my test results (went out and bought a new kit and  
got the same readings)  especially when the pH was 9.2. 
Spoke to a number of people at the water department and eventually got the  
chief chemist who explained that because of the ancient pipes in some of 
the  older homes being lead, they put lots of sodium carbonate onto the water 
to get  the pH up for long enough to not leach out the lead.
Unfortunately he was not a hobbiest and had no clue as to what i should  
do.  A little research however got me to the point of adding some calsium  to 
the water as a buffer.  I dont recommend this as if not really good with  
the amounts you can lose some fish.  
but the best solution was also the cheapest.  
Cuttlebone. Same things they give to birds.  Bought 6 pounds in 2004  and 
still have half the bag!!
What makes it so good is that it leaches out so slowly that you can simply  
put a piece into the filter and let it disolve at its own rate.
water buffered and calcium added.
rich green
milton ma
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