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Re: [APD] Qs re CO2 maintenance

[note the corrected Subject: line!]

 >>> A popular alternative are drop checkers.  Drop checkers use [...]

What do people think about a poor man's version of the "drop checker" idea,
at least until I get my hands on a nice drop checker??

 1) Mix RO Right into RO water to get a dKH in the 3-5 range 
 2) set pH control point such that dKH + pH = 25 ppm co2


 1) Mix RO Right into RO water at the "medium soft" dosage
 2) dKH test result is 5
 3) so set pH at 6.75

...assumes $co2 = 3 * $dKH * 10**(7-$ph); 

 >>> Just ideas and suggestions.  Nice to see a fellow Perl user on this list :)


Yet another stupid perl script follows.


$ cat phkh2co2
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

my $ph = 6.75;
my $kh;

if ( $#ARGV == 1 ) { 
  $ph = $ARGV[0];
  $kh = $ARGV[1];
} elsif ( $#ARGV == 0 ) { 
  $kh = $ARGV[0];
} else {
  print "usage: phkh2co2 [pH] DKH\n";
  print "  calculate C02 concentration from pH and dKH.\n";
  print "  default pH is $ph\n";
my $co2 = sprintf("%d", 3 * $kh * 10**(7-$ph));

print "If the pH is $ph and dKH is $kh, then the CO2 concentration is $co2 ppm\n";

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