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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 95, Issue 3

Hi All,

Thanks for all the response. I had digest enabled and could not
respond it properly.

> From: Bob Baron <zxcvbob at charter_net>
> Does the ".cs" in your address imply that you are in Serbia?  (Just
> wondering what you have available)

Nope, thats my family name initialed :-)

> From: Jerry Baker <jbaker6953 at gmail_com>
> From: Bill D <pabillpers at gmail_com>
> One drawback to their use is that the turbulence that they create can drive
> CO2 from the water.

 I'm using the custom made CO2 generator and small inner water filter.
Its actually helping the nutrients and CO2 to distribute.

> From: RMGTBTS at aol_com
> What is your experience level with aquariums in general?

Nil, I just started this hobby and learning. I don't even know the
names of the plants that I'm using.
Unfortunately the seller doesn't know either. I could figure out one
species i.e Hemianthus micranthemoides

> What is the general water conditions of your water source? Hardness, Gh  Kh?
> IE. Some plants IMHO don't do well if no Calcium carbonate is  present.

Water source is ground water. Actually hard. Don't know Gh kh value.

> Do you plan on using a commercial fertilizer to add to the water column?
> Mix you own?? tabs in the substrate?

I'm using Do!Aqua liquid conditioner be green solution
as fertilizer. And ADA's Amazonia as susbstrate.

> If you don't know the answers, we can help you find them.  You can  find a
> lot of information online at the AGA (Aquatic Gardens Assoc.) site.   You
> can also look at some tanks of the approximate size as yours to get some
> ideas perhaps as to what you want the tank to look like when completed.
> Obviously there is lots of information on APD.

The tank size is small. As I said, I wanted to try learn and grow
slowly. Less than
2 feet wide. Water capacity is just 10 gallons.

> RE Filter.  With no fish population, then all you really need is  something
> to cause some water circulation.  But, no fish/critters means no  NITROGEN.
>  You will have to add it some way.

Yes I'm using a small inner water filter with ADA's BIO RIO bacteria
in it. It is helping
in circulation of co2. WIll try to send in link of the aquarium for better idea.

Thanks for all the suggestions.


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