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Re: [APD] planted aquarium without fish

good that you are asking questions.  Many an ugly tank has sprung from  not 
asking questions, first.
if you didn't include the answers to these questions of Joseph's then it  
would probably be helpful it you added them.
What is your experience level with aquariums in general?
What is the general water conditions of your water source? Hardness, Gh  Kh?
IE. Some plants IMHO don't do well if no Calcium carbonate is  present. 
Do you plan on using a commercial fertilizer to add to the water column?  
Mix you own?? tabs in the substrate?
If you don't know the answers, we can help you find them.  You can  find a 
lot of information online at the AGA (Aquatic Gardens Assoc.) site.   You 
can also look at some tanks of the approximate size as yours to get some  
ideas perhaps as to what you want the tank to look like when completed.   
Obviously there is lots of information on APD.
RE Filter.  With no fish population, then all you really need is  something 
to cause some water circulation.  But, no fish/critters means no  NITROGEN. 
 You will have to add it some way. 
rich green
milton ma
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