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Re: [APD] new to hobby

since a lot of what you do as far as lighting, ferts, fish load etc is  
dependant on the water volume, it is very important to know exactly what you  
The only tank according to All Glass table with a 24 inch width is a 10  
Gallon long
while I have not used the Do!Aqua liquid conditioner I am familiar  with 
the manufacturer and people associated with their products and respect  their 
Let's say that your ferts and your water conditions are suitable IMHO most  
plants will do fine if the water is not really low in Gh Kh.  
what is the wattage of your lighting?  if you use the 2 WPG  rule f you 
need a light source of between 1.5 and 2.5 watts per gallon  (WPG). Of note, 
the amount of light will impact the growth rate and the  need for higher 
levels of ferts.  High light levels are IMHO a PITA to  manage. Unless you really 
want to devote the time/money and there are specific  plants that would 
respond better to higher light levels, you might consider  keeping the light at 
a level below 2.5 WPG. You tank is fairly low in height and  light reaching 
the bottom won't be an issue.  You should be able to grow  most plants.  
Because of the size of the tank you should be careful in  avoiding some plants 
that will get too large for your tank.  
Again, look at the AGA contest photos for the past several years for the  
tank size you have.  It will give you some good ideas of what works.
Have fun an let us know how the tank works out for you.
rich green
 milton ma
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