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[APD] new CO2 system

Hello Folks:
Its been a long time for me to post on this list.
Got my first CO2 system.  Its an Aquatek dual gauge Regulator, aluminum tank, bubble counter and diffuser. I have the CO2 selenoid on a timer so it shuts down at night.  I now need to learn how to set the bubble count. I also have a circulation pump aimed up at water surface on a timer so it runs only at night to get oxygen supply up.  Even before this CO2 I needed more air in the tank to offset what the plants were taking-up and my poor fish were gasping on top in the mornings.
Need help with the proper settings.
This is on a 75 gal. tank with discus and few other fish.  My average temp is 78 degrees F. I like to keep my pH at about 6.5 and everyone seems happy and healthy at that level.
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