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Re: [APD] New CO2 system

Since i have been running a discus tank (as well as 3 other  tanks) with 
cannister CO2 i will only comment on a couple of things.
Needle valves are not fool proof.  They have been known to  :"slip"  
opening up to allow dangerous levels of gas into the tank.  i  have had them 
perform for 3-4 years and suddenly fail.  I believe that  a device sold to 
monitor the pH and shut the system down when there is a  drastic drop which occurs 
when there is a massive CO2 flow would be worth  the expense.  I have heard 
that the leads are an issue and need  replacement.  Someone pitch in here.
Regardless, i personally would not put a cannister set up on my discus tank 
 again without this safegaurd. The investment in the fish warrants the 
additional  expense.
I am currently using a liquid CO2 supplement in the discus tank and am  
having reasonable success.  
rich green
Milton MA
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