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Re: [APD] Madagascar Lace


I agree. There is some rather strange and probably outdated advice out
there for many things. Probably started by folks who meant well, but never
ran into opposition on the topics.

For instance, I used to keep discus in my tank. I can't tell you how many
hundreds of gallons of distilled water I poured into my tank for the sake
of those fish. Then one day I ran into a fellow who kept the same fish. He
told me he never used soft water. Plain old aged tap water. Fish never had
any problem with it. He wasn't worried about the water hardness, neither
were the fish. I may start keeping discus again.

I'm really tempted to setup some new smaller tanks for a controlled
experiment. I think it would be interesting to see how other ML plants
would do compared to my current ML that refuses to die.

Just this week, it sprouted three new leaves. Must be that nasty hard well
water...the same hard water that killed two kitchen dishwashers.

Harry Martin
Casper, WY

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